Chatgpt generated picture of a mix of Paris, Grenoble and Stockholm

Welcome, I’m Patrik (or sometimes Sh4d1), and living in Paris!

I’m a long time Linux user (I use arch btw), that loves to build, and operates systems, especially distributed ones.

I was born in Stockholm in 1994, grew up in the french alps, graduated from Ensimag in early 2018, where among others things, I wrote a compiler in Java, a processor in VHDL, and a kernel in C.

I’m native in french, and fluent in english, while trying to keep my swedish up to the level.



I then moved to Paris and joined Scaleway as a DevOps engineer on Kapsule, the managed Kubernetes solution in early 2019. The next 2.5 years were spent building from the ground up a Kubernetes distribution. I even made a webinar explaining how it all works under the hood (though a lot have changed since, for the best).

It taught me a lot about building systems, Kubernetes, containers, automation, configuration management, Golang, good practices, …

Let’s say I learned a lot these first years, and I loved it! It also started an unavoidable love/hate relationship with Kubernetes.


The opportunity to join the object storage’s Site Reliability Engineer team presented itself in fall 2021, which I took. That brought me to spend the next 2.5 years building (in C) and running a globally distributed key/value database, Hive, meant to store the metadata of all S3 object, while contribuing to libfloat, a C raft implementation, by my colleague and friend Louis.

On top of that, I learned a lot about bare metal environment (PXE, networking, storage, …) with deployments of thousands of servers, across multiple regions, while also taking ownership and scaling the monitoring stack (elasticsearch, vector, prometheus/victoriametrics, grafana).



I left Scaleway in march 2024, to join a new adventure as SRE at amo.

The tables have turned, as I’m now on the other side of the spectrum, using a cloud provider, instead of building for one. There are a lot of new things to learn, and to discover! To be continued…